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Commercial Bin Cleaning

Commercial Bin Cleaning


Commercial Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Bright n Shine offer an affordable and effective on site cleaning of commercial waste bins, regardless of size Bright n Shine can clean them on-site.

Today more than ever, reputation and image are key factors to success. Are your waste bins projecting the right message about your business to your potential customers and competitors does a dirty smelly waste bin reflect cleanliness of the business or influence negative thoughts towards the business?  Bright n Shine Bin Company is here to assist you surpass the hygiene expectations for your industry. The Food Standards Agency produced the HACCP guide and indicates that any measures taken to reduce cross contamination of bacteria will be viewed favourably during inspections.

Regular cleaning of wheelie bins removes the build-up of harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella and reduces the chances of cross-contamination from the bin back to the kitchen and food preparation area. A regular wheelie bin clean helps to diminish pest infestation, cut down odours, smells and leaves you with a hygienic and fresh smelling bin and projects cleanliness to your customers.

We appreciate each business has its own unique requirements and therefore offer a tailored service to ensure that we meet your individual needs.

Bright n Shine Bin Company  offer a professional wheelie bin cleaning service giving you confidence that your wheelie bins are being cleaned safely, legally and appropriately.

Bright n Shine Bin Company  are members of the National Association of Wheelie Bin Washers validating that we are compliant with Trade Effluent Consent carry a Waste Carriers Licence as well as full Liability Insurance.

We have state-of-the-art wheelie bin cleaning machines  which complie with all DEFRA and Environment Agency legislation. The machine uses hydraulics to lift the bins to the water catcher/initial filter and have high-pressure fixed orbital wash heads to clean the bins inside and out whilst collecting all water used in the bin during the cleaning process avoiding polluted water reaching the storm drain system. The water is then filtered and recycled to 300 microns before being discharged at an authorised site.

Commercial waste bins do require regular cleaning and disinfecting

Below is an indication of Commercial Bin Cleaning servies (per bin)

Size of BinsOnce Every 4 WeeksFirst  Clean
600L*£15.00 to £25.00£25.00
1100L*£20.00 to £35.00£35.00

* Prices depend on type of use and condition of bin on arrival.

Curtious and
professional staff

Specialised Cleaning Equipment

Fast and effective no mess service

Bright ‘n’ Shine Bin Company provides the ultimate in hygiene utilising specialised equipment to ensure the very highest standards.

We use purpose-built equipment and our cleaning process uses only 100% biodegradable products. Your bins are hygienically cleaned at high pressure, deodorised and treated with insecticide to deter flies, maggots and wasps.

We will clean your bins inside and out before spraying them with our deodoriser to leave a pleasant fragrance. Your bins will then be returned to your property and you will receive a customer receipt.